How does the radon testing process work?

We strictly follow the testing guidlines (protocols) for real estate transactions of the United States EPA and the quality control procedures established by the Iowa Department of Public Health. This is the only way a consistent and accurate test can be provided.

When do you test?

For a real estate transaction, most tests are conducted during the contingency period after you have made an offer on the property. In most cases, the contingency period is approximately 10 days within which time you would take care of things like a home inspection, pest inspection, etc. and the radon test. Please read the Iowa Radon Home Buyers and Sellers Fact Sheet prepared by the Iowa Department of Public Health. It explains radon and discusses the high levels of radon in Iowa. You will want a radon test. You, or your agent, may call us (319 929-4443) to schedule the test.


As part of a real estate transaction, there is always the possibility that the radon test can be interfered with. One of several ways our company tries to insure a valid and accurate test for you, is to have an Authorization & Confidentiality Waiver signed, when possible or necessary, by someone who is in control of the property. This might be the owner/occupant or an agent. By signing, the person in control of the property is saying that they will abide by the closed house conditions described in the document and will not tamper with the equipment in any way. We believe, by signing, the person in control of the property is more likely to abide by the closed house conditions to which they have been instructed to maintain.


Radalink AirCat Radon MonitorThe equipment we use to conduct the test is a Radalink AirCat CRM (continuous radon monitor). This is one of the most sophisticated monitors in use today. Not only does it take a radon sampling every hour but also records the barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature as that data may have an effect on the test or may indicate tampering with the test. Full page professional reports including graphs of the data are generated; not just a ticker tape of the data collected. Location of the monitor in the tested property is in accordance with US EPA protocols. The monitor will remain in position for 48 hours or longer. Please read the Homeowner Guidance sheet for more information on closed house conditions and the radon test.

Report delivery

After the testing period has elapsed, the data is retrieved via Bluetooth to a smartphone and then immediately uploaded to Radalink, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Radalink processes the data, reviews the data for evidence of tampering, prepares a complete report, and delivers the result via cell phone and email as a PDF attachment back to the technician. This entire process is completed in a timely manner such that the report of the test is usually available within the hour. Here is an example radon report in PDF form.